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Wrongful Imprisonment

California Wrongful Imprisonment Lawyers

Were you arrested or detained in a California jail for no discernible reason? Did the police fake or plant evidence that resulted in your being put in jail? If so, you may have become a victim of wrongful imprisonment, a violation of your civil rights. You may have recourse against the individual or entity that did this to you.

Wrongful imprisonment in California goes hand-in-hand with false arrest. It is an unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another by confining or detaining the person without sufficient legal authority—or in other words, illegally depriving a person of his or her freedom without probable cause or due process. It is a crime and a tort, and may apply to confinement or detention by either a private party or a government agency, particularly the police.

Proving a Wrongful Imprisonment Case

The United States Constitution, in the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, grants you the right to be free from illegal search and seizure. This means a police officer can’t arrest you or confine you to jail on an unfounded suspicion, on a whim, or because he doesn’t like your attitude. If you’ve been wrongfully detained in a warrantless arrest without probable cause in the San Diego area, you may be able to recover compensation in a civil suit.

A California civil rights lawyer at the Singleton Law Firm will review the circumstances of your arrest and advise you on your rights. Through your attorney, you’ll need to prove that you were arrested without a reasonable belief that you committed a crime, were treated with excessive force, or were held without reason for an excessive amount of time.

Wrongful Imprisonment Damages

As with false arrest, wrongful imprisonment is humiliating, frightening, and detrimental to your reputation. Many people assume that police do no wrong and that if they put you in jail, it must be for a good reason. The kind of police officers that would arrest you for no good reason may also be the type who have so little respect for your rights that they may have applied excessive force and injured you. Your mug shot may be posted on the Internet with demands for money to remove it. You may have lost time from work, or even lost your job. You may carry the stigma around with you for many years. Being wrongly deprived of your freedom and reputation by an ostensible officer of the law is enough to destroy your faith in the American justice system if you don’t fight back.

Protect Your Rights

You can and should fight back and demand to be compensated for damages to your body, your mind, and your reputation. Contact the experienced and knowledgeable civil rights attorneys at the San Diego area law firm of Gerald Singleton. We are proud defenders of the U.S. Constitution and the rights and liberties it guarantees every American. We will fight with everything we’ve got to hold unscrupulous police officers accountable for their illegal behaviors and unconscionable disrespect for the constitutional freedoms that make our country great.

California limits the amount of time to file a claim for false arrest and wrongful imprisonment, so you need to act promptly to avoid losing your legal right to compensation.

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