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Civil Rights

Civil Rights Lawyers in Southern California

As Americans, we treasure our civil rights. Our founding fathers delineated the personal liberties that every citizen of the United States should be able to count on as our birthright.

Preserving these rights requires our constant vigilance and the willingness to question any act by a government entity that is not in keeping with the spirit of our state and federal constitutions. If we allow a government or any of its agencies the power to violate our civil rights, we have ventured onto the slippery slope that could ultimately lead to tyranny.

Protecting and Preserving the Rights of a Free People

Fighting for our constitutional rights and precious personal liberties is the most patriotic thing you can do because it reinforces our freedom and props up our democracy, which derives its power from the people.

Have you been denied the right to speak your opinion freely? Have you been subjected to police brutality or unnecessary force? Have you been arrested without probable cause or imprisoned without reason? Have you been prevented from protesting non-violently? If so, the civil rights lawyers at the Singleton Law Firm are deeply and passionately committed to helping you. We are never reluctant to stand up to police or any other government agency that is abusing or overstepping its authority, and we are proud to defend the U.S. Constitution wherever violations occur.

San Diego Area Civil Right Lawyers on Your Side

When your civil rights have been denied or placed in jeopardy, call the Singleton Law Firm for the help you need. We accept cases related to

  • Excessive use of force
  • Police brutality
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Wrongful imprisonment
  • Freedom of speech
  • Protester’s rights
  • Government liability

When one individual’s rights are abridged, we are all at risk, and our lawyers are proud to be at the forefront of the fight to preserve our rights and prevent threats to our freedom.

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